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Mid Earth

Welcome to MID EARTH

Ever wondered how it feels to be One with Nature? Why some people are drawn to the woods, as if enchanted? Experience the adrenaline rush of watching a tiger in it's domain. Be amazed as you see a majestic eagle take flight and swoop down on it's prey. Close your eyes, take a deep breath of fresh air and let Mother Nature weave her magic over you. Calling all nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, adventure freaks and all those looking for an off-beat travel experience...

Activities :

Slide Shows

We conduct Free Slide shows for Schools, Colleges and various Institutes/Groups. This provides students better knowledge about the rich & varied wildlife of India.

Bird Walks

Join us in our Bird walks every alternate Sunday… In a 3 hour trail somewhere on the outskirts of your city we can assure you a feast of sighting 30 to 40 species of birds.

Weekend Outings

Weekend Outings - Nature lovers, Hikers, Trekkers…. All have their own pick from our short outings including Forts, National Parks, Birding Spots, Nature Trails and much more...